Denver Furnace Repair: 10 Things to Know

With winter creeping up on us Denver residents, it’s time to make sure your home’s furnace is running properly. To be prepared for the wintery cold weather, it’s a good idea to examine your furnace. If you notice anything out of the ordinary early on, don’t wait around for the issue to worsen, and give us a call.

What Should Homeowners Look For?

Most of the time, furnace issues have a way of announcing themselves. There are a few things to look for that can hint at a problem, though. If you’re a homeowner and you want to determine whether you need furnace repairs in Denver, look for the following signs.

  1. Unusual Smells: It’s normal to smell a fuel-like scent when turning your furnace on for the first time in a while. If the smell persists, however, it may be a sign that you need to have the unit inspected.
  2. Discolored Pilot Light: The small flame coming from the pilot light should be a soft blue color. If it isn’t blue, there might be something wrong with your unit’s ventilation.
  3. Subpar Heating: Subpar heating is one of the most obvious indicators of a problem. If you turn your unit on and it doesn’t do a decent job of heating your home, it might be time for heater/furnace repair.
  4. Poor Air Quality: It’s not always easy to spot poor air quality by sight alone, but if you notice dust particles in the air you might have a problem. Further, if you and your family have been getting sick more often than usual, your furnace might be affecting indoor air quality.
  5. Trouble Starting the Furnace: If the furnace doesn’t turn on as easily as it did in past seasons, you should probably have the unit inspected or serviced. Some furnaces might start a little slow if they haven’t been used in several months, but if the issue continues, it’s a good idea to call a furnace repair professional.
  6. Continuous Noise: There are normal sounds a furnace makes, but if the unit continues to be noisy after it turns on, a repair might be needed. If you notice sounds you’ve never heard before, contact Rogers for furnace repair service.
  7. Carbon Monoxide Trigger: If your carbon monoxide detector sounds an alarm, this is a definite concern. If no fire is present, the trouble may be stemming from your furnace and to remedy the situation, call a furnace repair company like Rogers immediately.
  8. Short Cycles: If your furnace only turns on for a few minutes at a time and shuts off before heating your home, a heat pump repair might be needed.
  9. Longer Runtimes: Much like the previous point, if your furnace runs for an abnormally long time without turning off, there is likely a problem inside the unit. Call a furnace repair service like Rogers as soon as you can so that the problem won’t get any worse.
  10. Leaks: Finally, if you notice furnace leaks or puddles of water around your unit, it’s time to look into heater repair.

Furnace troubles can be stressful, especially around this time of year in Denver’s Front Range. Fortunately, Rogers HVAC has you covered. We provide furnace inspections, furnace servicing procedures, and heater repair in Denver and the surrounding areas. Reach out to us as soon as you notice an issue with your furnace and we will get it back to excellent working order.