Planned Maintenance

Planned HVAC maintenance or HVAC service is essential to the proper functioning of air conditioning and heating equipment. If preventive HVAC maintenance is not performed regularly or if it is done haphazardly, the equipment will require extensive and costly repairs at a later date that is sooner than it should be. This is not just a case of  "pay me now or pay me later." It is a case of "pay me now or pay me considerably more, later," and lose reliability while paying higher repair and energy costs in the process.

Planned maintenance programs for air conditioning and heating equipment include regular inspection throughout the year. During these inspections, proper operation of the equipment is checked and verified. All mechanical equipment is designed to operate within certain limits. Air conditioning, boilers and furnace maintenance is no exception, and if not properly maintained, the equipment will exceed its design limitations with the result being equipment failure. Your best insurance against HVAC failure and cost containment is equipment planned HVAC maintenance.

Our Planned HVAC Maintenance program includes a detailed report, following an in-depth checklist, that is filled out by the technician at the time of service. With this information we are able to track and trend the performance of your equipment and note any discrepancies that can be brought to your attention and as a team we can develop either a repair or replacement recommendation.