Demand Service

Service Van ImageRogers and Sons professionally trained and certified technicians can service most major brands of HVAC equipment.

Our staff and company are described as "HVAC Comfort Specialists". Through continuing education for our employees and the strong experiences of the founding principals. Rogers & Sons, Inc is firmly committed to adding the well-deserved value of Comfort HVAC Systems to all of our Customers.

If you’re looking to upgrade, repair or replace that aging system call us now for an estimate.

HVAC/Refrigeration Systems:
  • Boilers: Low Pressure Steam, Hot Water, Natural Gas, Electric
  • Forced Air: Rooftop, Unit (individual hanging heaters), Direct Fired, Indirect Fired, Natural Gas, LP Gas, Electric
  • Radiant: Infra-Red, Gas Fired
  • Heat Pumps: Reverse AC System (Freon Based), Water Source Geo
  • In-Floor: Hot water Systems
  • Ventilating Systems (Air Exchange and Transfer Products): Ducting, Exhaust Fans, Make-Up Air Systems, Filtration and HEPA Filtration, Grease Ducts
  • Air Conditioning Systems (Type of AC Systems for Environment / Room Control): DX Systems (direct expansion – freon based), DX Split Systems, DX Rooftop Units, Chiller Systems (water / glycol based), Heat Pumps
  • Refrigeration Systems: Reciprocating Chillers, Rotary Chillers, Rack Systems, Cooling Towers (open or evaporative); Fluid Coolers (dry coolers), Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Plate Style Heat Exchangers, CoAxial Heat Exchangers