Senior HVAC Pipefitter

The Senior HVAC Pipefitter is responsible for installing and supervising the installation of piping and equipment on new or existing buildings as related to the comfort heating and cooling industry. Systems could include hydronics, refrigeration, gas and geothermal applications.

  • Position Title: Senior HVAC Pipefitter
  • Reports to: Field Superintendent
  • Department: Pipefitting
  • Supervisory Responsibilities: Junior HVAC Pipefitter’s

Senior HVAC Pipefitter Position Duties:

  • Must be available by phone from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm for any coordination and communication. Standard hours on the job site are from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday. Must be available to work occasional overtime as required.
  • Responsible for directing, coaching, training, and helping other Sr. Installers and Jr. Installers working on assigned projects. The Sr. HVAC Pipefitter will follow and hold all Rogers & Sons Employees accountable to all the policies, procedures, and standards of the Company.
  • Responsible for attending and actively participating in all training classes provided by Rogers & Sons.
  • Responsible for monthly vehicle inspections and keeping the vehicle serviced and clean.
  • Responsible for adhering to the Rogers & Sons dress code and ensuring all Rogers & Sons employees on the site adhere to the same dress code.
  • Coordinate and communicate with the Field Superintendents, Purchasing,
  • Shop Supervisor, and Warehouse
  • Supervisor to assure materials are acquired in advance of need and setup for delivery in a timely manner to avoid project delays. The Sr. HVAC Pipefitter should limit office visits to design questions, scheduled meetings and scheduled trainings.
  • The Sr. HVAC Pipefitter is capable of running and completing projects in a timely and efficient manner. The Sr. HVAC Pipefitter’s paperwork should be clear, complete and submitted in a timely manner. The Sr. HVAC Pipefitter is a representative of Rogers & Sons and must be capable of communicating well with customers. The Sr. HVAC Pipefitter must be capable of training these same skills to other Sr. Installers and Jr. Installers and setting the example for them.
  • The Sr. HVAC Pipefitter should know and understand how the project estimates are put together. The Sr. Pipefitter is responsible for working with the Project
  • Managers and Field Superintendents to ensure that all projects finish on schedule and within the budget. The Sr. HVAC Pipefitter is responsible for projects assigned and for setting the installation goals for themselves and assigned Jr. HVAC Pipefitters to ensure quality, productivity, and efficiency.
  • Responsible for being actively involved in all warranty calls for assigned projects to understand how to prevent similar issues in the future on other sites. All warranty calls should be used as a training opportunity.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Performance Markers:

  • Minimizing the quantity of purchase orders and deliveries on a project by effectively preplanning and scheduling tasks. Strive for no more than 1 delivery per week per job.
  • Projects completing within budgeted hours and material dollars.
  • Independence and ability to start and complete a project.
  • Training of field personnel to strengthen support for the company.
  • Quality of work and paperwork delivered to end user (Customer) and office.
  • Implement of Great Service measures for the department including paperwork and processes to improve customer’s experience.
  • Manage job warranties and evaluate performance based on warranty. (What was the cause?) Evaluate plans and training to eliminate similar warranty calls in the future.

Position Qualifications

    1. Education and Certifications:

      • Minimum of High School diploma or GED
      • Completion of HVAC trade school including Journeyman’s License
      • EPA 608 or equivalent encouraged.
      • Qualified Rigging and Signalperson encouraged.
    2. Experience:

      1. Pipefitting Journeyman rating with trouble shooting abilities.
      2. Minimum 4 years’ experience in the HVAC industry
      3. Computer skills including: Microsoft Word, Outlook, Bluebeam
      4. Internet search skills
    3. Abilities:

      • Ability to instruct new and existing Junior HVAC Pipefitters on department paperwork processes and tool usage.
      • Ability to train and coach Junior HVAC Pipefitters to the Rogers & Sons standard.
      • Ability to communicate and embrace Rogers & Sons policies and procedures.
      • Proficient in Hydronics, Refrigeration Piping best practices, Gas Heating, Air Conditioning, heat pumps, Chillers, boilers, VRF, cooling towers, medium temp refrigeration, make up air units. Must be familiar
        with other trades scope of work and how it relates to the HVAC industry.
      • Ability to learn new equipment and technology on the go.
      • Management of self and others.
    4. Working Conditions and Physical Requirements:

      • Extreme hot or cold environments with the potential of rain, snow, and high wind.
      • Work space could be limited to tight and confined spaces, accessible to walking on trusses in attics. Heights are guaranteed and the need to work from ladders and power operated lifts.
      • Working around and sometimes with highly flammable or sometimes corrosive chemicals.
      • You will encounter and be around extreme hot and extreme cold systems and equipment. Working around and sometimes with highly flammable or sometimes corrosive chemicals.
      • Job requires safe and clear headed thinking. Heavy lifting, rigging and cranes are likely to be used.
    5. Characteristic Competencies

      • Self-Management
        • Observes safety policies and procedures: We Are Safe First
        • Determines appropriate action beyond guidelines and reports potentially unsafe conditions
        • Uses equipment, materials and PPE properly
      • Leadership
        • Exhibits confidence in self and others
        • Accepts feedback from others and gives appropriate feedback and recognition
        • Inspires respect, trust and inspires others to fulfill the RSI Family Vision
      • Dependability
        • Is consistently at work and on time
        • Dresses appropriately for the position and keeps self well groomed
        • Commits to long hours of work when necessary to reach goals
        • Completes tasks on time or notifies appropriate person
        • Takes responsibility for own actions and asks for and offers help when needed
      • Quality
        • Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness
        • Looks for ways to improve and promote quality by applying feedback given
      • Intellectual
        • Job Knowledge
          • Competent in required job skills and knowledge and exhibits the ability to learn and apply new skills
          • Shares expertise with others and keeps technical skills up to date
          • Uses resources effectively and efficiently
          • Requires minimal supervision with an attention to detail
        • Problem Solving
          • Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner while offering alternative solutions when encountering challenges
          • Encourages open communication and exhibits sound and accurate judgment
          • Displays willingness to make decisions and adapts to changes in the work environment
      • Interpersonal
        • Customer Service
          • Manages difficult or emotional customer situations by exhibiting active listening and comprehension
          • Responds promptly to customer needs by meeting commitments
          • Establishes and maintains effective relations, relationships matter
          • Expresses and understands ideas and thoughts verbally and in written form
        • Teamwork
          • Balances team and individual responsibilities
          • Contributes to building a positive team spirit
          • Supports everyone’s efforts to succeed
      • Organization
        • Cost Consciousness
          • Understands business implications of decisions and contributes to profits and revenue
          • Works within approved budget by developing and implementing cost saving measures that
            align with strategic goals
          • Conserves organizational resources
          • Follows policies and procedures
          • Supports organization’s goals and values

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